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Apply For a Tile


The Seattle Fishermen's Memorial Committee welcomes applications for engraved tiles to be installed at the Fishermen's Memorial site at Fishermen's Terminal in Seattle. Tiles will be installed once per year prior to the annual Memorial Service conducted on the first Sunday in May.

The Committee has the responsibility of approving the names to be placed on the tiles based on the guidelines listed below. Tiles will be installed on a first come first serve basis starting at the center and working outward. The Committee reserves the right to reject any text considered inappropriate. 

Types of Tiles and Qualifying Criteria

Memory Tiles - Names that appear on Memory Tiles can be of fishermen or fisherwomen from the greater Seattle area who were lost at sea but did not qualify for the Memorial, or of people from the greater Seattle area (not lost at sea) who are no longer living, were directly associated with the seafood industry, and who have made long term commitments or significant contributions to the seafood industry. Text in addition to a person's name can also be included on a Memory Tile, but must conform to guidelines and requirements set by the Committee. The Memory Tile area is located in front of the Memorial at the north end of the Fishermen’s Center.

Support Tiles - Names of individuals, families, or businesses can been graved on Support Tiles, as well as text. Text must conform to guidelines and requirements set by the Committee. The Support Tile area is located just south of the Memory Tile area.

Memorial Wall - If you are interested in having a name placed on the Memorial Wall please email us for more information. 

If you have any questions regarding the Memorial Tile application process please email us and a Tile Committee member will get back to you.

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