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Gunnar Ildhuso Memorial Scholarship

To apply for the Gunnar Ildhuso Memorial Scholarship, please download the application below, complete, and send to scholarships@seattlefishermensmemorial.org. A board member will be in touch after we receive the application.

Scholarship Description

Gunnar Ildhuso (1924-2018) was a pioneer of the Alaska fisheries, and a generous benefactor of the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial. The Memorial, consistent with its mission to promote safety and competence in the local fishing industry, recognizes a need to support and enhance the training of the next generation of fishermen. Therefore, in honor of Gunnar Ildhuso’s legacy, the Memorial established this scholarship in 2019 to promote safety training, skills training, or USCG licensing for committed fishermen. This scholarship provides assistance to applicants interested in enhancing or advancing their maritime qualifications and safety credentials. The scholarship provides up to $2,500 toward training or coursework for fishermen in the areas of marine safety or safety certification, skills enhancement (e.g., vocational training such as marine welding, electrical, refrigeration, shipwright, etc.), or USCG licensing procurement or upgrading.

Eligibility Requirements

Any person in the fishing industry committed to enhancing his or her maritime skills, qualifications or safety credentials may apply for this scholarship. Applications will be reviewed quarterly, at the beginning of January, April, July, and October. Applicants may be contacted for follow up, and will be informed of determinations following application review. Applicants must submit an application, including a short statement describing their career plans in the commercial fishing industry; how they contemplate this award will strengthen their career aspirations; and details of the specific training/licensures to be pursued with the award. The Memorial will generally issue payment directly to the institution providing the training. Applicants who are awarded a Gunnar Ildhuso Memorial Scholarship will be asked to submit a short biographical piece detailing education goals with a recent picture that the Board may share with fishing community at large and post on the Seattle Fishermen's Memorial website.